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Owner Financing Homes

FL Creative Financing Homes

Bad credit can be a nightmare when searching for a home. Restrictions are tighter than ever for mortgages. The average person now needs higher than a 690 credit rating to even be considered for a mortgage. Points and other negatives can make it even harder to buy houses. We specialize in owner financing homes in North Florida. Our group of investment specialists work daily helping men and women get into a home without a mortgage. Our buying and selling experience in the area is second to no other company. We take care of our buyers.

Our homes are almost everywhere in the Northern Florida area. We have men and women living in Orange Part, Middleburg, St. Johns County, Clay County, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach and Jacksonville homes. We’re already taken care of the legwork. We introduce our services to those in immediate need.

FL Owner Financing Homes Ready for Occupancy

We’re not a realty company. We’re not even real estate agents. Aside from our personal experience, the biggest difference between us and them is that we own the homes. We don’t market homes for other people and take a commission. We’re the sole owner of many beautiful homes. We purchase about 5 or 10 houses in the area each month. Our portfolio is strong for all home types. The owner financing that we offer is simple. We even created a basic application form. We handle the terms of the agreement and put you inside of a home fast.

What is owner financing? It means that you’re not working with a mortgage lender. We supply the financing. Because we’re the owner, it is easy to work out a deal with each person. We don’t shop you around like banks or other lenders do to make sure we get a kickback. We’re just great people with a passion for helping others who need a home of their own. One of the best parts about creative financing is that the interest rate is really low.

What about bad credit? We get that question daily. It’s unrealistic to think that all people have excellent credit. The Florida housing market is full of foreclosures and bank repossessions. There are credit issues everywhere. We can help you if you have a not so great credit rating. Many of the men and women inside of our homes started out with bad credit. Through our application process, we use a relaxed credit rating system. We work with you to find the best repayment plan through our creative financing.

Submit Your Housing Application Request Online

We move quickly. We appreciate technology. We’re able to accept your application online. This provides us with a basic snapshot of your needs. We take this data and start processing it. We can determine if we can help you within 24 hours. Our talented staff does everything possible to assure we can put you into our homes. It’s really easy. The application is nothing like an apartment or condo rental. Go to this page and start putting your dream of owning a home into action.

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